• THAI BEEF -- Thai flavors paired with vegetables & tender Angus beef.
  • THAI CHILI HONEY CHICKEN -- Sweet spicy stir fry with broccolini, shiitake mushroom & Thai peas.
  • SWEET CHILI TOFU -- Tofu taken to another level with a creamy chili sauce & vegetables.
  • PAD KEE MAO -- Rice noodles with bamboo, kale blend, shiitake mushrooms, basil & Thai soy sauce.
  • SAMOSA WONTONS -- THAINDIA fusion with strong Indian seasoned potatoes, cream cheese & carrots, served with a cilantro yogurt.
  • HOY GHAP -- Fresh scallops with Thai inspired sauce, watermelon radish & beautiful lemon micro greens.
  • KHAO NEEO MAMUANG -- Sweet sticky rice with mango sorbet, coconut pannacotta & fresh mango.
  • COCONUT ALMOND LAMB -- New Zealand lamb seared with coconut, almond crust served with a coriander-mint chutney, broccolini & white basmati rice.
  • AAM SHRIKHAND -- Caramelized mango with tangy Indian yogurt, cashews & mint leaves.
  • LEMON SESAME SHRIMP -- Tangy citrus sauce with shrimp broccolini, shiitake mushrooms & vegetables.
  • LUKHNOWI KOFTAS -- Vegetarian meatballs cooked in explosive Indian spices served with white basmati rice.



Our Story

THAINDIA is a love affair first and foremost, a love affair between a Thai wife and an Indian husband, both of whom love great delicious food and enjoy creating and sharing the same. Nothing is more pleasurable and satisfying than to see the expression of our guests when they taste and are captured by the feelings of euphoria by what we have created.

We start with the finest ingredients we can procure, so the Fish is certified fresh wild caught, Beef is 100% prime Angus, Chicken is fresh never frozen, vegetables are fresh every day. Base oil is Grapeseed, spices are purchased whole and meticulously ground and mixed in house to maintain integrity and freshness. NO MSG, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS EVER.

We never wanted to own and operate a restaurant, the foods we created was only available to our close friends and family, everyone kept saying we should open a restaurant and share this with the world, but we resisted, however, it is an exercise in futility resisting the inevitable, so here we present to you THAINDIA.

It is our most sincere desire to provide you our guests a unique experience of the world's two oldest, richest, and most diverse cultures, cuisine, and civilizations. Our first task is to create and offer amazing and unique culinary delights to awaken, tantalize, and satisfy your taste and soothe your soul. You will not find the typical Indian and Thai fares you find in almost all Indian and Thai restaurants.

Indian sub-continent alone offers so much variety it is impossible to exhaust the options, when we add Thai to the mix we might as well write a novel as our menu, so why limit ourselves to the same old mundane offering. Chef Bun invites you to come and experience our hospitality, and taste explosion of authentic Thai and Indian cuisine.

Secondly, we want you to feel the culture, hospitality, and ambiance of both Thailand and India, both cultures are imbued with an unprecedented hospitality and desire to serve, we want you to feel absolutely welcome and honored when you step in THAINDIA.

Hospitality, service and honoring part we have got it covered, the ambiance is still a work in progress and we humbly ask your indulgence while we work hard to accomplish that.

Do you have what it takes to be one of Us?

Who we are:

"Great organizations don't hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them."

We are an organization dedicated to Success, however, it is not at the expense of our associates. From the very beginning of our existence, we instinctively knew and understood that success is elusive but not impossible, and it is never achieved individually. It is a team effort and the only way we know of creating a winning team is to emphatically tie our success to the success of each and every member of the team. Because we commit tremendous resources, time, and effort in our team development, it is only prudent that our selection process too is world class. We are a world class organization, looking for world class leaders to be part of our ambitious growth and expansion plans. Our selection process is tough yet respectful and is designed to eliminate all ambiguity. There is nothing left to chance if you successfully navigate the process and an offer is extended we both have a very clear understanding as to why we are coming together. This is not to discourage you, it is simply a fact. We are only looking for a few exceptional individuals.

Why; What and How:

We know exactly why we do what we do, however, before you can be privy to why we do what we do and how we do it, you must share your why. We need to know what makes you tick, how you think, what motivates and gets you out of bed every morning. Are we different than the rest, yes absolutely, we do not think, act, or behave like any other organization. We are not interested in your skill set as much as your thought process. Skills we can teach, however, your thought process, your attitudes, and your vision for your future is something unique to you, and if these do not resonate with our values and our vision, your skills, your degrees and your resumes are absolutely irrelevant. If you are an individual who cherishes challenge and accomplishment, someone who is willing and able to look beyond the convention and envision the world where nothing is impossible you will be in good company.
Restaurant Manager
Las Cruces, NM
Posted 1 year ago

Job Description Oversee every aspect restaurant operations. Ensures excellent guest service that exceeds expectations. Ensures that the restaurant is adequately staffed to meet guest needs. Controlling day-to-day operations – profit & loss, by following cash control/security procedures, reviewing financial reports, and taking appropriate actions. Working with direct supervisor to develop the restaurant’s annual operating budget and […]

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Las Cruces, NM
Posted 1 year ago

Job Description We are currently seeking a full-time Cook. Major responsibilities include: Prepare lunch and/or dinners Meal planning in conjunction with executive chef Review menus prior to preparation of food Assure that all food procedures are followed Coordinate food service with other departments as necessary Assist with the purchase and inventory of the food supply Follow […]

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Dish Washer
Las Cruces, NM
Posted 1 year ago

Job Description  The Dishwasher is responsible for performing various kitchen cleaning and storage activities such as but not limited to dish washing, pot washing, general and equipment cleaning, storage, and rotation of food and supplies. Responsible for janitorial duties in various dining services areas such as Dining Room, Bistro and other areas associated as a […]

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Las Cruces, NM
Posted 2 years ago

Job Description Service of food and/or beverage to include the order-taking, delivery, and clearing of any food and/or beverage items Checks station before, during and after shift for proper set-up and cleanliness Greets the guests in a friendly and courteous manner and explain any specials and/or restaurant promotions for guest awareness Takes the order and […]

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